Responses to Betsy's work seasons of life

Birth, end of life, building lasting relationships, nurturing the next generation, and embracing change as the years unfold- explore music and programs that honor these seasons of life.

“Thanks be to springtime
Thanks be to fall
For the seasons of our lives thanks for it all
We were never meant to stay
We are always on our way…”

(From Going Home, on Real To Me). A new CD with songs of loss, remembrance, and simple love.

My own seasons include–teenage songwriter… the modern feminist cultural movement… midlife parenting…finding my voice for political and social change… precious years with my own aging parents… the loss of a parent… and writing songs and offering programs that connect us all in these common seasons of life.

“How could anyone ever tell you, you were anything less than spectacular!  The raves have not stopped commenting about the event, and about you in particular. Your warmth, your good energy, your shining spirit truly pulled the program and the room together.”
-Linda Blackman, Mother’s Listening Project (for mothers with cancer)

Special Programs and Workshops

Cradle to CollegeA Musical Chronicle Of The Delights, Miseries And Spiritual Depths Of The Parenting Journey

From the 60s to 60A Musical Retrospective Of The “Boomer” Journey

The Heart and Soul of Parenting: Songs, Poems, And Reflections On The Spiritual Gifts And Challenges Of Parenting

Comfort and Remembrance: A Circle Of Song For Those In Grief And Loss

Concerts and conference appearances

California Midwives’ Conference
Crone’s Counsel Conference
La Leche League
Walk To Remember 
(Neo-natal loss)
Parenting conferences and trainings
Compassionate Friends