Responses to Betsy's work with educators

Educator programs provide both trainings in using songs and materials for children in the classroom, and heartening and empowering practices for self-care in the midst of the mounting the pressures of the profession.


Calm Down Boogie

Songs for a Peaceful and Harmonious Classroom

Stress, loss of family and community cohesion, and a fast-paced, media-driven culture all affect both children and teachers. Educators often find themselves struggling to maintain calm, stay connected to their own inner wisdom and energy, and bring children into a harmonious group that can learn and grow together.

Based in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), this program of songs, breath/body awareness, and calming movement offers inviting tools and practices, which can transform a restless, disconnected classroom into a circle of harmony.

Workshop length- 1-3 hours.

Resources for bringing more Mindful Music to the classroom:

Calm Down Boogie A CD containing a wealth of songs supporting mindfulness, peace, kindness and emotional literacy. For special educator discount, CLICK HERE

teachers’ curriculum guidebook companion to Calm Down Boogie, including song lyrics, movement components, and curriculum extensions.

Mindful Music Teacher Training Materials Additional songs, teaching tips for leading songs, and mp3’s of simple choruses and chants that convey core Mindfulness themes in singable, fun ways.

You can also download brochures about the Calm Down Boogie CD and Betsy’s Educational Program Offerings.

Join In The Circle
Musical Lessons in Diversity, Communication & Conflict Resolution

Educators are teaching much more than the Three “R”s in today’s classrooms. Conflict prevention, emotional literacy, social skills, self-esteem, diversity awareness — these are vital life skills that our children need to be happy, healthy and stable in a rapidly changing world.

Using the universal language of music, this workshop provides songs and activities promoting conflict resolution, anti-bias awareness, and learning to “talk it out.” Participants will learn simple singable songs and curriculum extensions that can be used during morning circle time and throughout the day to build community and harmony on many levels.

Whether it’s a clean-up song, a come-to-the-circle song, a time-to-quiet down song, we know that music is a joyful and effective tool for motivating children to cooperate, participate, and join in the group rhythm.

Resources include an innovative curriculum, “Linking Up” by Sarah Pirtle, which will be available at the workshop.  No special musical ability required!


Spirited Children & Teaching with Spirit
Self Care and Renewal For Teachers — This One’s For You!


Have increased classroom pressures (testing, paperwork, high-need children and stressed parents) taken a toll on your professional satisfaction and personal energy?

Self-care is a vital professional tool for responding to the unique challenges and stresses of teaching today.

This lively and heart-opening workshop includes songs, presentation, dialogue and interactive exercises that renew the joy, energy, and love of teaching that brought you to this profession. Both educational and inspirational, the workshop focuses on teachers’ own inner resources, strengths, and wisdom, and offers affirming and positive models for how to maintain one’s spirit and enthusiasm and avoid burnout.

Practical tips, handouts, experiential exercises, and classroom songs and activities are provided.

Heart of a Child is a CD of songs especially for renewing the heart and soul of adults who work with and care for children.

This workshop made me remember why I am a teacher.
– Early Childhood Educator

Inspirational – food for the soul.  She’s remarkable!  Betsy almost had me in tears. I really connected with my heart.
– Educator

If you want someone to bring heart, depth, laughter, and tears of inspiration to your program, contact Betsy Rose as your keynote speaker or workshop leader. I highly recommend Betsy.
-Margie Carter, Early Childhood Instructor, Author and Consultant