Greetings! These resources are offered as enrichments to your work with children,
(Pre-K-6th grade primarily), as a Mindfulness teacher, or a classroom teacher
interested in bringing more experiences of calm, emotional balance, kindness,
empathy and self-regulation to your classroom.

The music selections below are supplementary to the core musical resource, Calm Down Boogie.
These mp3’s are simple, easily singable songs for inviting the group into a time of mindfulness
practice and connectedness.

The “Teacher Curriculum Guide”, details many ways of integrating the songs of Calm Down Boogie into classroom curriculi, and of adding discussion and movement to the songs.

The printouts from the Mindful Music workshop recap information and activities included
in the workshop.

*We offer a special educator discount for purchases of 2 or more copies of Calm Down Boogie.
If ordering 10 or more copies, contact us for ordering and shipping information.



Lyrics for songs: PDF Download


“Take a Breath”, a new video on Betsy’s Mindful Music programs in schools.
Watch video: Click Here


Teacher Companion Guidebook To Calm Down Boogie: PDF Download