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Long For This World (NEW RELEASE!)

Songs of loss, remembrance and comfort in seasons of endings and transitions. The Buddha called the universal human experiences of sickness, old age and death the “Heavenly Messengers” that remind us that all is passing and all is precious. Healing and heart-opening music.

  1. Prayer
  2. Simple Simple Love
  3. Let Her Go
  4. What Will It Be Like In Heaven
  5. A Simple Story
  6. Little Bird
  7. Welcome To The Circle
  8. All Sorrows Are The Same River
  9. Take Your Rest
  10. Going Home
  11. Long For This World
  12. No Better Time To Love

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Real To Me

Released in February 2011, the long-awaited new release of Betsy’s original songs, musical reports from over 10 years of living out her life as a mother (new teenage son songs!), a peace activist (songs from the post 911 era), and spiritual explorer. Never recorded gems included. Liner notes and photos.

  1. Holy Is The Flesh
  2. Real To Me
  3. Candles In The Windows
  4. Today I’m Wearing Pink
  5. These Hands
  6. So Close To Christmas
  7. Daughter of Earth
  8. One Day At A Time
  9. The Mother That I’m Going To Be
  10. Still Your Mom
  11. Teenage Baby Boy
  12. I’ll Be All Right
  13. God’s Little Joke
  14. No One Will Dance Here Again
  15. Going Home

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Calm Down Boogie

Music for making and being peace; and for calming and renewing in the midst of life’s pace. Fun songs of earth care and family bonds, and the joys of simplicity and homespun happiness. Contains songs used in Mindfulness in Education programs.

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  1. The Ladybug Song
  2. Love Makes a Family
  3. Calm Down Boogie
  4. Equanimity
  5. My Mind is a Clear Blue Sky
  6. Compost Cake
  7. Planting A Seed of Peace
  8. Thanks Be
  9. Holidays
  10. May You Be Happy
  11. I Am Breathing
  12. Deep In The Dark
  13. My Ancestors
  14. Breathing In, Breathing Out

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Welcome To The Circle

27 songs from Betsy Rose’s musical retreats and song circles for women. Songs that invite women to rediscover their lost voices, feel the power of connection with other women, and sing lyrics that speak truth to power and express compassion ourselves and our world.

Disc 1 - Circle of Power Tracklist

Disc 1 – Circle of Power:

  1. We Are The Women
  2. Come Come Whoever You Are
  3. I Don’t Practice
  4. If You Give Birth
  5. Song of the Soul
  6. Battle Hymn Of Women
  7. Unreasonable Women- A Modest Proposal
  8. Look To The Women
  9. Blood of Ancients/Hope Of A New World
  10. Time To Love/All The Time In The World
  11. I Ain’t Afraid
  12. Trilogy
  13. Who Were The Witches
  14. Bella Ciao
Disc 2 - Circle of Healing Tracklist

Disc 2 – Circle of Healing:

  1. Open Up And Let Her Through
  2. Welcome To The Circle
  3. Take Me In Your Arms
  4. Women’s Hands
  5. For The Mothers
  6. I Am The Love
  7. Return Again
  8. In My Bones
  9. Sending You Light
  10. Metta Karuna/ Lovingkindness
  11. How Could Anyone
  12. May You Walk In Your Life

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Heart of a Child

Poignant, inspiring, humorous, empowering songs for those devoting their work and love to young children. Musical nourishment for the hearts and souls of teachers, parents, and families of young children.

  1. On Children
  2. Heart Of A Child
  3. Breathing In, Breathing Out
  4. Hard To Be 6
  5. How Could Anyone
  6. Spirited Child
  7. Coming Into My Years
  8. Welcome To The  Circle
  9. Rainbow Children
  10. May The Work We Do

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Songs from the heart of parenting, charting the inner journey of a new mother, and offering support insight and encouragement for the tough, poignant and beautiful parenting moments. Includes “Spirited Child” and “Birthmother.”

  1. I Want World For You
  2. Can I Have It
  3. Birthmother
  4. Thanks To Life
  5. Breathing In, Breathing Out
  6. Spirited Child
  7. Mama’s Milk
  8. Under My Skin
  9. I Have Arrived
  10. Raising Up children
  11. Send Me A Voice
  12. Gentle Wind/All Night Long

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Sacred Ground

Celebrating our connection to all of life, honoring the earth activists and indigenous people who protect and preserve the earth. Recorded live, in studio, with an audience of singers.

  1. Mother Earth
  2. Building A House
  3. Read My Lips
  4. I Think Of You
  5. One Family, One Home
  6. Dark Water
  7. Earth Moves In A Mysterious Way
  8. Kneeling At The Train
  9. Carry It Home

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Wings Against the Sky

Songs of personal growth and change, family bonds and losses, and connection to global family. Richly produced studio recording.

  1. Ordinary Day
  2. House Full Of Secrets
  3. Circle Of Light
  4. Open The Door Again
  5. Nicaragua (The Fruits Of Work And Love)
  6. Darlin’ I’m Glad
  7. Valentine’s Day
  8. Starlight
  9. Let Her Go

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In My Two Hands

Songs inspired by the teachings and poetry of Vietnamese Zen monk/writer/peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. A new genre: country/eastern music. Themes include earth care, spiritual journeys and living mindfully.

  1. The Three Treasures
  2. Silence
  3. Walking Gatha
  4. Five Rivers
  5. Children’s Promises
  6. Song Of The Boat People
  7. In My Two Hands
  8. Zen And The Art of Sunburn
  9. Taste And See
  10. Water, Fire And Smoke
  11. Standing Like A Tree
  12. Seneca Moon
  13. Happy And Good

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Live From The Very Front Row

Live concert recording from Betsy’s early solo days- songs of an awakening feminist consciousness, of love expanding beyond borders, of family, and of social change.

  1. Coming Into My Years
  2. Nothing I’d Like Better
  3. In The Very Front Row
  4. Room For You
  5. We Still Have A Dream
  6. The Great Scheme Of Things
  7. Love At The Core
  8. Glad To Be Who I Am
  9. Humble My Heart
  10. My Heart Knows The Way


As Strong As Anyone Can Be

Songs of strong, capable children, and highlighting girls’ power and presence. Humorous songs, serious songs, pretty songs, and silly songs giving voice to dreams, strengths, ambitions and a world of possibility.

  1. I Live In The City
  2. What Does Your Mama Do
  3. Don’t Cut Out The Lights
  4. The Lambeth Children
  5. Kid’s Liberation Song
  6. Simple Gifts
  7. Degas Dancer
  8. Truck Driving Woman
  9. I Want To Grow Up To Be An Old Woman
  10. On The Road
  11. The Woman Who Gobbled Swiss Cheese
  12. Strong A Person
  13. Long Time Friends


Imagining Peace

Peace poems written by Zen brush artist and writer Kazuaki Tanahashi. Set to music and performed by U.S. west coast musicians: Two songs written and performed by Betsy. A benefit for World Without Armies.

  1. Let Peace Be The Victor
  2. We Become Enormous