Thank you so much for your important presence today! Your words and music were a great inspiration.
-Rev. Lois Mueller, Interfaith March in Support of Occupy Wall Street/San Francisco

I like this wonderful anti war song very much. I was deeply impressed with the next phrase especially. “May their righteous anger be heard, I pray for justice and healing for all of the mothers all over the earth” I want people all over the world to appreciate a documentary with your song “For the Mothers.” This documentary is called “Crazy as usual” Produced by Yukihisa Fujimoto
-Atsuko Kimura (female), Japan

What you did last night was a form of magic for sure. I cannot remember when I’ve been more invited into such an experience of music.
-Robert, Concert Audience 

When I heard your song, I was given the sad and anger of the mothers all around the world, and I tore. This is not only why I am a old man.
-Munemori Okamoto (Male) Japan

Betsy is a phenomenal singer and songwriter!
Rae Abileah, Code Pink Women for Peace, National Chapter Coordinator 

When I listened this song, I felt a strong soul which seek the warmhearted world from the bottom of deep sorrow. As soon as the tone of your guitar sounds, it brings tears to my eyes. This is a rare true song which is able to reach the poor people’s mind of all over world…
– Japan